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Dream. Learn. Act.

The steps to success are simple. It is as simple as climbing up the stairs in your home. You choose your own pace. You can move fast, or slow. Or you move at a steady comfortable pace. A Dream is transformed into reality through Learning and Action. Imagine that you can achieve everything you want if you can simply become a great learner and a proactive person!


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Zubin Rashid

Zubin is an entrepreneur, a widely published writer and a public speaker based out of India and a public speaking coach for professionals. He has been an educator for 20+ years and is a mentor and an online course creator.


He has been training and coaching for 20+ years for top corporates internationally


He has mentored & coached Start-up Founders, CXOs, Professionals and Students


He has authored 7 books including fiction, non-fiction and personal development


His speeches have inspired thousands of people across India and the globe 

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How Top 7% of people get 70% of unadvertised jobs!

The competition is mind-blowing. Yet, the smart ones get their dream jobs quite easily. Because they know a process that works wonders for them.

Learn how to prepare for interviews, the do's and don'ts, grooming, and how to answer important and common questions asked during job interviews.

Learn how you can grow faster in your career and higher income. Build fundamental management knowledge, and practice the skills and etiquette required to perform well and build a positive image at the workplace.

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Some stories, some laughter, and some inspiration - the ingredients in my speaking engagements!