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Over 21 days I will give you, each day, techniques, tools and information used by super successful people. Use these to achieve super success in YOUR LIFE and become what you always wanted to be!




Zubin Rashid

About Your Coach

Mr. Zubin Rashid is an international consultant and trainer who has lived and worked in India, UK, Germany, Austria and Malaysia and has worked with professionals from more than 15 countries worldwide. With almost 20 years of experience in the areas of business management, learning and development and public speaking, he spends most of his work time in supporting people to improve their skills and competencies through his learning programs, books, articles, videos, interviews, and keynote speeches.

Mr. Zubin Rashid, in the last two decades, has worked with numerous partners, coached and trained over 10000 directors, senior leaders, and other professionals at every level, in India's top and most ambitious professional practices. He is one of India's foremost experts on how business people can deliver meaningful and powerful presentations and speeches.

He has been featured in various newspapers, magazines and other media including The Telegraph, The Statesman, Electronics for you, Hindustan Times, Polka Café and Boundaryless. He has been interviewed/featured both in India and Europe.

He has received his Education from Harvard, IIM Calcutta, MIT and The University of California, Berkeley.

Roadmap to Super Success



Day 1: Success secrets - and your successes

Day 2: Developing Self-belief

Day 3: Two things you have and you don't use them well

Day 4: Dreams, thoughts and success

Day 5: Defining a clear purpose

Day 6: Aiming high - achieve anything you want

Day 7: Add value to others and get back more

Day 8: How to create a plan for success

Day 9: The most important key of the lock that stops you from achieving success

Day 10: Skills you need to achieve your goals

Day 11: Learning resources - a step towards SUPER SUCCESS

Day 12: Skills and qualities of SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE

Day 13: Leadership Skills

Day 14: The continuous process of learning

Day 15: Lights, Camera, Action - You are the Director of Your Life

Day 16: Focus, Focus, Focus

Day 17: The Milestone Technique to Achieve

Day 18: Building Persistence

Day 19: Celebrate Achievement

Day 20: Move ahead to the next goal

Day 21: The journey to SUPER SUCCESS

This course is like having a SUPER SUCCESS expert right beside you.

Hiring an expert for coaching would mean spending lakhs of rupees. The good news is that you do not need to invest so much money today to get the next best thing.

It is time to reboot, restart, and build a life filled with happiness and success. Start noticing immediate positive results in your achievements.

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Order Now With Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

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(Digital Product)

Set specific focused goals

Timelines to ensure achievement

Review to set further goals



(Digital Product)

A list of free learning resources

Focused learning technique ideas

How to create a Learning Plan to achieve Success



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Build EASY Action Plans to ACHIEVE SUCCESS

Achieve more through Actions

Work on your Actions daily and inspire yourself

Make Your Dreams come true


Daily Tools to Rewire Your Mind for Success


Practical and Simple Techniques


Access and Practice Anytime, Anywhere


Get Certification


Globally used Success Secrets


Formula of Positive Transformation

21 Days Super Success Program

What value you will get…

21 Days SUPER SUCCESS Program: Value Rs. 10500

Bonus 1: Value Rs. 1100

Bonus 2: Value Rs. 1000

Bonus 3: Value Rs. 1100

Get Certified: Value Rs. 4000


Rs. 17,700




Rs. 17,700

Rs. 777

Duration: 1st June 2020 to 21st June 2020

Note: This Program is not for trainers and coaches

Order Now With Confidence On 100% Secure Servers


Experience Mind Transformation with Practical Tools and Techniques

  • Affirmations

  • Setting Goals

  • Mind Training

  • Correcting Your Thinking

In this Program You will get:

  • Daily short Tasks and Practices involving Mind Training Techniques.

  • Regular Inspiration and Motivation.

  • Amazing Tools to build focus and work towards Achieving greater SUCCESS in Money, Career, Relationships, Health.

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