Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

The Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training Program is divided into two Modules, each of 6 hours duration.


This program can be attended by any professional at any level in the organisation.

The program duration varies from 6 Hours to 12 Hours, depending on whether one or both Modules are chosen.

The objective is to give the participants both knowledge and practice to improve their Presentation/Public Speaking skills.

A Needs Analysis Questionnaire is used to understand the present level of knowledge and experience of the participants in presenting/public speaking.

The methodology used includes interactive discussions, team activities and video recording of performance followed by analysis and feedback.

Module 1: Public Speaking / Presenting Fundamentals

  • Body Language: Posture & Gestures

  • Facial Expressions

  • Lighthouse Technique: Eye Contact

  • Movement on Stage

  • Voice Modulation: Expressing through voice

  • Breathing and Confidence

Module 2: Preparing and Structuring the Content

  • Planning, Preparing, Practicing and Presenting

  • Defining the objective/s

  • Audience Analysis

  • Creating the Structure

  • Researching and Developing the Content

  • Using tested Techniques for Powerful content

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