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Public Speaking Coaching

This Coaching Program is designed specifically for C level Executives and Senior Management Professionals who have to regularly speak to and address different audiences and stakeholders (both internal and external).

The duration of this program varies from 8 hours to 12 hours in one iteration which is to be completed in 4 to 6 weeks.

The objective is to work on specific areas of improvement of an individual in Public Speaking Skills.

An initial interaction is required to identify these specific areas, post which the program is designed and the number of hours required is suggested.

This is a completely practical coaching program with multiple practice sessions using the methodology of video assessment, analysis and feedback.

Book a

Complimentary Evaluation Session
(duration: 30 minutes)

to understand your current skill level, based on several parameters.

The Coaching Process

Step 1: Initial Evaluation and Goal Setting

This gives an opportunity both to the coach and the leader being coached to agree together on the focus areas of coaching.

Step 2: Coaching and Practice

The focus areas identified are worked upon through knowledge sharing, understanding of techniques, and practice and feedback.

Step 3: Final Evaluation

This evaluation is done by both the coach and a self evaluation by the leader being coached to analyze the growth curve.

What is covered

  • Presenter/Speaker Skills

  • Presentation Content

  • Business Storytelling

  • Audience Analysis and Engagement

  • Any other areas identified during initial evaluation

For information/bookings please contact:

Career Skills Coach

Phone: +91 93302 99322 / +91 98303 49854