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My student taught me about Instagram

I was teaching a class of youngsters in their early 20s, and during the break, a conversation started with one of the students on social media.

I mentioned that I have a Facebook Page and post my content there. She asked me if I have an account on Instagram. And I replied that I do, but I am not active.

This initiated a short but interesting conversation on Instagram.

“The youngsters are all on Instagram. We do not really use Facebook as much anymore.”

Not that I am too old, but hearing this comment I was taken aback. I had not done my research on social media, and therefore, I was unaware of this.

The best part was that she gave me a lesson on Instagram, how to use it, and most importantly for me, she taught me about Reels. Frankly, I had no idea about what Reels are and how to post Reels.

I wonder how much we can learn from each other. While I was there to support the students with information and knowledge on how they can build a great career, I came out of that class well-informed about where I should post and what I should post.

This is why I always propagate openness in learning - no biases on who we learn from - young or old does not matter. If we are open to learning, we will make much more progress than otherwise. As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

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