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He got an internship through LinkedIn

The joy on his face made me happy.

“Thank you, Sir, for telling me about this process,” he said with excitement and gratitude in his voice.

This made my day. Let me set the context here.

A few days back I had told a group of students how they can leverage LinkedIn to get mentors, internships and professional contacts, as well as get jobs through references instead of going through the normal process of applying for jobs.

Some people are so proactive that they test the processes as soon as they can. Action does bring rewards. The more we sit back and keep thinking without taking any action, the more we keep doubting the process and ourselves and our abilities.

It was heartening to see one young man so overjoyed with the success of getting an internship in a top company where most people do not even try applying because they think it is not possible.

If you have the right reasons and an honest approach, you can connect with anyone. We are all humans after all, and deep inside we all like helping others. It gives us a sense of gratitude towards life and satisfaction that we could support others.

On a closing note, let me assure you that nothing is impossible. You have to give it time and work towards it with sincerity and focus. And yes, you can get a job without a job interview by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

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