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“Life is not in our hands, Living is.”

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I wake up every morning and think about life. What is life? It is a question which is so difficult to answer. In all these years that I have lived, I still do not know the answer to this question. Am I living to serve others, or am I living for myself? What is the purpose of life? It is so difficult to answer.

It is a crazy journey that we undertake, and throughout this journey, we meet different people. There are some people who we understand, and there are many people who we don’t. Every time I think about life, I begin thinking about all the people I have met. Each person’s so different from the other. Just as life has been a mystery to me, so has the human mind.

I was reading this book called “The Art of Joyful and Healthy Living” by Dr Pinakin Shah. There was a wonderful piece of writing on the cover, “Life is not in our hands, Living is.” I found this to be so true. Yes, we do understand all the writing and jazz, but how much of it do we actually learn and apply in our lives? It’s such a struggle, or so it seems!

I have experienced living the two extremes in life, a span of time in my life when it was 80 per cent leisure time, and a span of time when it was 80 per cent work! Now I am trying to bring about a 50-50 balance. Difficult, but it is not impossible. Freeing the mind from thoughts about status in society and numerous material needs has helped me relax. The mind becomes less tense with lesser expectations! It’s an amazing feeling really when I start feeling so light, I have never felt so light before this!

I got part of the answer to my question about life through this book I have mentioned. The following two quotes sum up this part:

“Never take life so seriously, you will never come out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard.

“Life is a mystery to be lived, not understood.”

As I move on in this wonderful journey of life, I leave you to contemplate on what I have just expressed. My contemplation continues…

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