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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

All of a sudden I remembered a poem I had penned many years back…


Oh, that beauteous face, that fair chin,

That graceful touch from her soft skin,

The lovely rose would be beaten fair

When her soothing eyes would give a stare.

Oh! Of nature, I have seen so much,

Never have I witnessed beauty such,

Even the sun would lose its grace

To the brightness on her pretty face.

If to me, life's meaning becomes obscure

To her, I shall turn for sure,

And look at her beauty till I die

And sleep in the arms of her deep-felt sigh.

Sometimes you see that pretty face and you think… or most of the time you just stop thinking. Time stands still. When God gives you the eyes to see the beauty in every human being, you understand the true meaning of beauty.

Every person is beautiful; the free mind discovers this wonderful beauteous picture! Everything you look at has the magnificence of God’s creative power! Every bit of everything has the grace of Nature’s touch! When you open the eyes of your mind you observe the wonderful gift of God… beauty! And do not ever forget… you are beautiful!

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