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When Zubin Rashid, corporate trainer and author of the book One Too Many, was asked to tell his story to a motley group of listeners at Café Coffee Day on a sunny September afternoon, he grinned, took up the microphone and went on to narrate a tale that not only changed his life, but also the perspective of those listening to him.

When Rashid first went to work in the UK, he was staying in a house with five other people from different countries, each of who had a room to themselves but shared a common kitchen and a living room. “After the first few days I realised nobody was talking to me much. Even if I tried breaking the ice they replied in monosyllables. Also I noticed most people ate out or ordered food. I used the kitchen most and spent a lot of my free time in the house cooking. Slowly, the aroma of my cooking warmed them and my khichdi became a hit. We became friends and bonded over food. Today I am still in touch with my housemates.”

As the audience applauded, Eric Miller, director and co-founder of World Story Telling Institute and host of the storytelling session, explained the “healing effects” of storytelling.

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Students of classes IX and X at Sushila Birla Girls’ School attended an inspirational speech by Zubin Rashid, entrepreneur, educator, ideator and author of One. Too Many.

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Zubin Rashid, better known as ZR, has touched the lives of thousands of people living across the globe, his mission in life is to spread the light of empowerment through his motivational approach. The organisations he has worked with and trained for include Cognizant, HDFC Bank, Tech Mahindra, Tata Power, Blue Dart and many more.

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AIESEC Bhawanipur, a student exchange program was introduced at the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC), University of Calcutta on 7th October in the college auditorium.

Professor Dilip Shah introduced what AIESEC is all about and also introduced the two speakers for the program, Mr. Mal and Mr. Zubin Rashid.

Mr.Zubin Rashid highlighted the lessons of life which should be applied in one’s life like conquer your fears, stop procrastinating, adapt to changing environment, positive communication etc.